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Make travel videos with gopro shooting,You’re going to love it

Make travel videos with gopro shooting

1.To have the eyes to discover beauty, to learn to record the perspective of beauty.

Make travel videos with gopro shooting, The view is really important, but sometimes it’s often the different ways and angles that are more brilliant. fersendless possibilities for documenting the richness of life, such as heaven, water, eaves … So, from different angles to record, the same scene will have different wonderful.

2. Shooting stability

The stability of the picture quality is really important, sometimes shot a lot of material, the last cut only to find that shaking do not want. A proper rhythm, a beautiful scum of the vast scene, a unique perspective, and finally destroyed in the picture, hey, said more are tears. So, the key content shot twice, shot three times can not be too much. Do your best to ensure Gopro’s stability,Stabilizers are recommended, try to avoid holding hands when shooting big scenes, and believe that the effect of quietly shooting somewhere is always better than any hand that thinks it is stable.

3. See more, shoot more, experience more

More to see the documentary can really learn a lot, feel that every time I travel, every time I shoot the final clip, every time there will be a new sense and progress. Well, new to it, you have to see more and shoot more, you want to do more.

4. About accessories

When it comes to multiple shoots, accessories are really important. Gopro’s batteries are scum, so when you go on a big trip, you must have a few more batteries (I’ll have four more when I go to New Zealand, one on No Man’s Island when I kayak, and three more later).
Memory card, at least 64G bar, in order to protect the later clips, how good.

Write so much first, for everyone to exchange reference.

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