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How to set the frame rate of video shooting when traveling?

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For video shooting, in addition to the most basic composition and stabilizer use, You also need to know, how do you set the video frame rate.

Today to share with you the shooting frame rate selection of the Great video, in the face of different shooting scenes and conditions, how should we set our own video shooting frame rate, in order to make the picture effect and scene to achieve the best?

Definition of video frame rate

First, let’s popularize the definition of video frame rate. A digital movie or video is made up of a sequence of still images called frames. An image of a frame forms a video, and the video frame rate (refers to the number of pictures played per second; for example, 25P means 25 still images per second;

Video frame rate and shutter speed

Shutter speed refers to the length of exposure time per image, which is the duration of each frame of shutter opening, and if you choose to shoot 60P frame rate video, the shutter speed selects 30ths of a second to get up to 30 individual images per second, with the other 30 copied from the previous 30. So to avoid this, it’s important to note that your shutter speed must be higher than the frame rate. Typical shutter speeds are set in gears that are twice as fast as the frame rate, such as the 25P frame rate using a 1/50 second shutter.

How to set the video frame rate in different shooting scenes

As cameras update iterations, more and more cameras now support 24P, 25P, 30P, 60P, 100P, and 120P video shooting. All new to video shooting have a common question about how to set the video frame rate. There are also a lot of friends directly choose the commonly used 24P universal shooting. In fact, different shooting scenes or subjects, should choose different video frame rate, in order to make the best picture effect.

1.Common frame rate:24P

The number of visible frames when the human eye is comfortable and relaxed is 24 frames per second, with no more than 30 frames for concentration. The number of frames that can be captured instantly when you open your eyes in the blink of an eye is more than 30 frames. So friends who shoot regular video can set the frame rate setting to 24P,not more than 30P.

2.Large-scale delay +blur effect:15P

If you want to shoot a fast forward or wide-ranging delay effect, or if you want a natural motion blur effect, try setting a 15P video frame rate, and the slower the frame rate, the more blur between each frame, creating a fast-moving cool effect.

Of course, shooting large-scale delay can also be used in the normal frame rate shooting, the form of late fast-forward.

3.People +Landscapes:24,25P

When shooting a person’s lens, such as a person’s dialogue lens, it is recommended to use 24P or 25P shooting, closest to the comfort of the human eye. 24P or 25P is also the best frame rate whenshooting landscapes or scenes that require a lot of detail and slow motion.

4.Screen slip effect:30P

If you want the video effect screen silk effect, you can shoot 30P video, post-processing time to 24P,this time the video screen will have 80% slow-motion effect, will make the picture more smooth.

5.Slow motion:48-60P

The 48-60P is a slow-motion entry frame rate, typically used for film or TV shooting, and when an object moves at a moderate speed, such as walking, such as clapping a smile, using a slow shutter frame rate, the picture will be more elegant and stylish.

High frame rates such as 60P are also commonly used for MV shooting, for MV shooting that requires the singer’s mouth to match the musiclyrics, the 60P frame rate in post-processing can slow down the singer’s movements and mouth type, clearly match the music lyrics.

6.Still screen:90-120P

Less used frame rate, but if you want to get from normal speed to super slow or even static picture changes, you can use 90-120P shooting, and 120P shooting screen slow playback can eliminate the jitter generated when shooting, when you go out forget to take a stabilizer, you may want to shoot 120P picture, later slow release will find very stable.

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