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Can you shoot movies on your phone? six video shooting tips

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With the popularity and innovation of mobile phone shooting technology, now travel out of the mobile phone shooting small , be said to be common, but many people shot out of the video is not very satisfactory, it does not look particularly good. Therefore, today’s for everyone to bring mobile phone shooting video six tips, after watching can play a qualitative leap on the effect of shooting, shoot movies on your phone!

Now mobile phone portability is high, easy to share, imaging quality has been improved two years ago, even mobile phone to shoot 4K video, it is clear that the use of mobile phone video has become the best choice for many players. However, mobile phone is not a professional device, many people use mobile phone video is not very satisfactory, so, today’s small editor for everyone to bring mobile phone video shooting seven tips, can play a certain role in the effect of shooting.

1.stability is the most important

This is really not a yellow picture selling melon boast, in normal circumstances, whether it is to take a video or a photo, people are more inclined to see clearly, of course, to create artistic effects deliberately except. Shooting video clarity is the most important, and the quality of the picture is the key to determine video clarity, so in the case of shooting cell phone video, try to hold the phone.

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Try to stabilize the equipment with fixed things such as tables

Because the mobile phone is relatively light, in the handheld mobile phone is easy to shake, in the presence of shooting, it is best to use the phone stabilizer to stabilize the device, such as when shooting static pictures, if there are more stable around the large out, such as trees, walls, tables, etc., can also use them to shoot. The camera can hold the mobile phone, and the side of the mobile phone fixed to the wall, tree or stand on the desktop, forming a relatively stable state, but this is relatively stable, but good mobility, but also easy to shoot the wall, desktop and other DPP objects.

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2.If conditions permit, it is best to put on the phone stabilizer

the current mobile phone stabilizer price is not high, carrying is also very convenient, you can also use the device to play stability mobile delay photography, so that the video shot more new. In addition, the choice of mobile phone with optical stabilization function, but also to a certain extent to stabilize the quality of the picture.

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3.try a strange angle

For beginners, shooting at a normal angle, seeing what shoots what is the simplest and most common, a slight change in angle, may give the effect of video shooting a boost. Try shooting at different angles, like lying on the grass, on a roof or ladder with a lower or higher field of view, and you’ll have unexpected surprises.

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Using the contrast between the front and back of the picture can also create a different atmosphere, when shooting the main body, you can add small objects in the foreground, such as grass, flowers or some small objects, to make the video look less dull.

4.the careful image in the shooting

Because the upper and lower level of the phone mechanism, not like the camera manual reminder, so add in the shooting video to re-select focus, there will be a screen right blurred to clear slow process, it is easy to affect the viewer’s attention, so if not deliberately, before pressing the camera, it is best to turn off the autofocus function. In addition, we must first find a good focus, to avoid the success of the shooting again, to ensure the smooth picture.

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5.night and other low-light environment pay attention to light

Lights, such as street lights, advertising lights at bus stops, indoor lights, etc. If the subject of the shooting is a person, to find ways to make the light hit the face of the character, or backlight shooting the main body of the character, in contrast, will make the video made more mood.

6.the photographer to keep quiet

In general, we use the mobile phone to shoot video is to record some of the scenes of daily life, some people like to shoot while saying something, in the video back you will find that because the camera is relatively close, when speaking will appear loud volume, feeling very noisy, it is better to seriously be a recorder.

7.Take advantage of professional video editing

If you’re looking for higher video effects, you should contact professional video editing services, because, professional video post-production software is not easy for everyone to master, these professional things should be done by professional people, you just need to do a good job of shooting it.

If you want to make a beautiful video, it is recommended to shoot more footage, even if it is not related to the shooting content, you can also shoot more empty shots or you think more beautiful, so that in post-processing, there will be more room for choice, content is more abundant, and photography, in fact, shooting a good video is also a step-by-step process, although some tips can be some help to shoot, but more need to practice and constantly improve their shooting standards, so as to be able to better shoot the effect of the blockbuster!

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